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"With 65 BILLION animals per year being killed for human consumption (that's 2,000 per second!) which includes the barbaric treatment and traumatic ending of animal life.

Human infectious disease outbreaks are also rising and in recent years there have been Ebola, Bird flu, Middle East respiratory syndrome (Mers), Rift Valley fever, Sudden acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), West Nile virus, HIV, and Zika virus all crossed from animals to humans.

We have recently experienced the COVID-19 virus...

More on the way!

Consider implementing Dietary Restriction...

Professor James Mitchell, department of genetics and complex diseases.
Dietary Restriction Harvard school of public health.
His team of scientific researchers reveal the many benefits of Dietary Restriction.

With widespread implementation of Dietary Restriction the above animal consumption numbers can be significantly reduced, and indeed create a population that’s a whole lot healthier than they are right now!

Dietary Restriction = better health = less disease = more energy = longevity!
Resulting in a new and ‘more enjoyable’ lifestyle. 

Meaningful choices...Start living a 'sustainable lifestyle'.
Eat fresh organi
c plant based foods. Choose to work from home, be your own boss and not be reliant on any 'corporate slave labour system', pay only your fair share of taxes, retire when 'you' want, live stress free, and be a whole lot healthier!)

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