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Large industries (fashion, electronics, appliances, motoring, etc etc) are TRASHING THE PLANET at an astonishing rate. We Must STOP Buying STUFF that we don't really need! PLUS...put an end to the kind of Slave Labour endorsed by them (Amazon, Tesla, to name and shame just two!)

Overconsumption is a very real threat to planet survival so we really must Stop Buying Stuff!

TV is one of the main culprits in selling 'TRASH'. Adverts constantly bombarding our minds with constant repetition and subliminal messages to buy this 'must have' stuff. Hand back your TV license!

Should shopping channels be banned from tv?  What about morning tv shows promoting people / companies that sell 'stuff' we don't need?

And what about the manufacturing world? They actually get away with selling us 'new' products with 'built-in obsolescence' as part of there guarantee! Once again it's profits before planet /people.

Go Carbon Neutral or better still Go Carbon Positive!...

If we must buy 'Stuff' consider going for the 'eco-friendly' house, use of solar panels, new electric / hydrogen car (if necessary), energy & water capture systems, not using fossil fuels, forget unnecessary airplanes and cruises, etc.

Meaningful choices...Start living a 'sustainable lifestyle'.
Eat fresh organi
c plant based foods. Choose to work from home, be your own boss and not be reliant on any 'corporate slave labour system', pay only your fair share of taxes, retire when 'you' want, live stress free, and be a whole lot healthier!)

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