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As an unapologetic environmentalist, I’ve long been an advocate of transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable energy and transportation economy.

But as an unapologetic libertarian, I’ve also long been an advocate of seeking market-based solutions to make this transition possible instead of relying on imbecilic government intervention.

Now, this week, world leaders have gathered in Glasgow to discuss how countries from all across the globe could work together to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

But instead of embracing the only proven agent of change — free markets — they continued to rely on unreasonable mandates and general bureaucratic buffoonery, which, as history shows, always leads to failure.

You know the old proverb: You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. And government intervention and directives represent the bitterest of vinegars.

My point is simple: If we truly want to transition to a cleaner, more environmentally sustainable energy and transportation economy, we should not rely on bureaucratic dog and pony shows. Instead, we should rely on the one thing that never lets us down: free market capitalism.

Nowhere is this more obvious than with Crypto, where private investors are now funding environmental projects at a record pace through a mechanism that allows them to earn monthly distributions on their initial investments.

And it ain’t chump change....

With GreenPals Cooperative we have added one more power factor, it's the phenomenon of  'People Power'. This creates an irrisistable unstoppable force once it gets rolling.

At the GreenPals Cooperative we use this mighty force to tackle both Climate Change AND Social Unity. It is exciting to have the opportunity to UNITE folk on a global scale.

While world governments are tripping over themselves trying to figure out how to force people to transition to a cleaner energy economy, smart investors are using the power of the free market to not only enable this transition but make a ton of cash in the process.

I know it’s not popular to say these days, but no matter how you slice it, there’s no better system for initiating change than free markets... especially when you consider that you can be on the receiving end of huge profits that only the free market system can offer.

The GreenPals Coop...a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

So here before you is an opportunity FOR meaningful change. An opportunity that we sincerely hope will be life-changing for you in your quest for progress and prosperity.

Enjoy each day on this wonderful planet and have an exceptional year 2022!


Ronnie Tutt: Founder, MaxLife Global Management & GREENPALS COOPERATIVE
Sustainable Management Consultant, Director of Green Finance.

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